Program Title: OF BEAUTY & DEITIES: Music & Dance of India
Program Length: 1/60 (TRT 56:46)
Closed Captioned: Yes
Stereo: Yes
Format / Version; SD Base
Aspect Ratio: 4x3
Suggested TV Ratings: TV-G

Short Description: This one hour documentary by filmmaker Eve A. Ma about southern Indian classical bharatanatyam dance and music combines performance with interviews and a host’s narrative. We are concerned not only with this beautiful and intricate performance art but also want to acquaint the viewer with some of the more salient aspects of Indian culture and provide information about the Indian diaspora.

The performers come from a California-based group called Kalanjali: Dances of India and its sister group from southern India, Bharata Kalajali. These are directed by Kalakshetra K.P. Kunhiraman, a well-known performer and former teacher in the Kalakshetra Institute in Chennai, India; along with his wife, teacher and dancer Katherine Kunhiraman. Filmed in a studio in California, the solo dancer and the musicians were brought over from India while the group dancers, most of whom trace their roots back to India, are from California.

Bharatanatyam has for centuries been associated with the Hindu religion and although in modern times it has been secularized, it still has strong ties to that religion. The dance is also a form of sign language and we have translated one of these with subtitles. The documentary is part of Ma's series on world music and dance, The Languages of Sound and Movement.

Flags: None
Broadcast History: Open Signal TV (Portland, OR), fall 2017
BCM TV, B-TV (San Francisco Bay Area) May & June 2016
FFCA TV (Fairfield, CA) summer 2016
CCTV (northern California) and Peralta TV (northern California) 2012
Tags: bharatanatyam, world music, India, Indian diaspora, Kunhiraman, Kalakshetra
Producer: Eve A. Ma (Dr. L. Eve Armentrout Ma, Esq.)
PALOMINO Productions
P.O. Box 8565, Berkeley, CA., 94707, USA
Date Completed: 2010
Funding: California Arts Council (CAC), and producer self-funded
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